Referral Partners

CloudPay is recognized by many management consultancies, strategic advisors and enterprise software companies for its payroll competence and multi-national capability. These companies maintain relationships with CloudPay that enable each company to keep abreast of each others capabilities and serve as a framework for mutual referral.


Jeitosa Group International provides global, strategic and functional human resources information technology support to Global Fortune 1000 organizations.  As a strategic business consulting and management advisory practice, Jeitosa focuses on helping HR business leaders achieve global success through the deployment of leading transnational solutions covering the people, processes, and technology supporting the global human resources function.

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Treorbis GmbH is a specialized business processes optimization company, headquartered in Hamburg, with a focus on HCM operational excellence for end user service delivery, transformation of personnel management processes from a administrative activity towards greater process efficiency and transparency, and simplified access to information through technical solutions such as ESS/MSS.

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