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Gain Visibility into How You Pay Your Global Workforce

CloudPay Insights analyzes comprehensive global payroll and payments data, processes and communications. CloudPay Insights delivers enhanced global reporting capabilities that provide greater visibility and control over an organization’s global payroll and payments data, giving them insight into the real costs associated with their global workforce. CloudPay Insights is the industry’s only common technology platform that provides multi-national organizations with business intelligence from across their enterprises on the costs and processes of compensating their global employees.

Global Reporting – Supporting Strategic Business Decisions

In today’s competitive business environment, organizations need to be able to quickly respond and adapt to change – and so need to sort through the vast amounts of information available to find the relevant and actionable insight.  With comprehensive and unified global reporting functionality, CloudPay Insights promotes a collaborative environment that enables access to real-time in-country and global payroll and payments data when and where you need it – to drive and support informed decisions.

CloudPay Insights highlights:

  • Enhanced dashboarding capabilities that provide the flexibility to create and customize reports, giving the power to access only the most relevant information.
  • Improved workspace functionality, leveraging relational or dimensional data sources that enable deeper analysis, report authoring and advanced data exploration.
  • Fast performance made possible by null suppression optimization and in-memory caching, greatly reducing the amount of time spent on report creation.
  • Customized reporting development services for customized reports.
  • Wide range of options for real-time global payroll reporting, including access to over 125 standard reports, ad-hoc query tools, data analytics tools to explore multi-dimensional data using graphs, charts and drill down options.
  • Wide range of formats gives the ability to create, run and schedule reports and export data to xls, pdf, csv and html formats and the ability to create, save and access reports at any time.

CloudPay Insights benefits:

  • Improve decision-making: Senior leaders and financial management executives receive needed information in real-time, including current headcount, leavers and new hires per country or legal entity, in a targeted, actionable format personalized to areas of responsibility to support informed decisions that drives operational success and continuous positive results.
  • Increase organizational efficiencies: CloudPay Insights eliminates the need for labor-intensive data collection, consolidation and reporting, giving access to CloudPay’s single, unified payroll information repository and the ability to drill down into global payroll data.
  • Cut costs: Better business intelligence drives better business decisions, resulting in lower costs and more efficient processes. CloudPay Insights helps you uncover the hidden costs of global payroll and payments data in order to understand, manage and respond to the costs associated with paying your key asset – your people – breaking payrolls expenses by category, including employee taxes, liabilities, insurance and pensions.

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