Employee Self Service

Empowered Employees, Reduced Workload for HR
With the CloudPay Employee Self Service solution you can power productivity by enabling employees to manage their own data. It alleviates the administrative burden of managing personal data by putting control into employees’ hands, enabling payroll professionals to focus on more strategic initiatives.

By using CloudPay’s Employee Self Service, you can:

  • Enable staff to handle payroll-related HR tasks in a secure, permission-based environment and lessen administrative burden on HR
  • Improve internal communication by allowing employees to view, download and print payslips 24×7 through single sign-on functionality
  • Empower employees to request, view or cancel an absence of leave or overtime pay. Managers can approve and interact with requests through electronic workflow
  • Take advantage of cloud-based technology to access payroll data from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Support informed decision-making through better quality data and real-time information
  • Provide access to bank details and year end reporting, where available
  • Gain visibility into real-time payroll data for more in-depth business intelligence, enabling proactive decision-making
  • Save time, resources and costs associated with administrative activities

CloudPay’s Employee Self Service: Greater Control, Less Administration
The CloudPay electronic workflow engine puts pay information at employee’s and managers’ fingertips enabling organizations to save time and reduce costs. The CloudPay standard Employee Self Service functionality provides the ability for employees to access online payslips. Through the advanced functionality of the CloudPay application, employees and managers gain control of personal data using customizable permissions and access rights to protect employee data. CloudPay’s advanced Employee Self Service solution goes beyond payslip management to support leave and absence management, overtime submission and approval and allows employees to view their bank details and year end reports, where available.

Customizable Permissions: Protect Personal Data
With CloudPay’s advanced Employee Self Service functionality, employees and managers can quickly and easily interact with personal information and request time off, manage vacation balances or approve an absence of leave. CloudPay’s integrated workflow tool ensures sign-off procedures are tracked through an authorized escalation process, defined by your organization. Using the CloudPay platform, employees can securely access information via a standard web browser.

Leverage the Look and Feel of your Brand: Increase Usability, Maximize Adoption
The CloudPay SaaS-based Employee Self Service system can be tailored to reflect the look and feel of your corporate identity to present information in a way that is familiar to employees. A familiar visual identify accelerates adoption and helps reduce training time and costs.

Empower Employees: Free Resources to Focus on Strategic Work
By empowering staff to control personal data, the CloudPay Employee Self Service functionality reduces phone calls to, and requests of, HR. By reducing administrative activities, HR professionals can focus on value-added strategic work and make more-informed data-driven decisions based on real-time information.