Time to Rethink Your Global Payroll Strategy: Part I

In today’s business environment, it is increasingly common for companies to establish operations in new markets and hire employees beyond their own borders. In doing so, they are often met with the significant challenges of handling payroll for employees in different countries, often with their own unique languages, cultures and currencies. Not only that, but when employers disperse payments to multiple countries, they must do so in compliance with the multitude of rules and regulations regarding cross-border payments, many of which change rapidly and can differ from city to city within a country. Continue reading

Reflecting on 2013 and Looking Toward the Future

Since we began over 15 years ago, CloudPay has been singularly focused on providing multi-national organizations with the tools and technology to enhance the way they compensate their global employee base. This mission has been an ongoing journey, and it will never end.  Each year brings new challenges to our clients – such as complying with the rapidly changing regulatory environments of the world – and we remain vigilant, continuing to update our solutions and develop new ones that best meet their needs. Continue reading

Understanding SEPA and What it Means for Global Payroll: Part II

As mentioned in the first part of this series, the implementation of the SEPA initiative throughout the European Union will have a significant impact on how employers compensate their employees across the EU by streamlining the cashless payment process. Under this directive, organizations will benefit from paying the same payment transaction fees regardless of whether a payment is to an employee within the company’s own country, or to another SEPA country. Employers also benefit from robust payment instruments, such as SEPA direct debit, which allow them to charge from an account in one SEPA nation for services provided by employees in another country.

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Understanding SEPA and What it Means for Global Payroll: Part I

Any organization operating in Europe, whether you employ workers or simply conduct business there, will certainly be familiar with the EU’s Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) initiative. Developed to facilitate the credit transfer process across all 28 member countries of the EU, as well as Iceland, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland, the initiative will ensure greater efficiency when making cross-border payments to any of these nations. Continue reading

Key Considerations for Payroll in Spain: Part II

Our previous blog post introduced the opportunities and challenges of establishing operations in Spain, and some of the difficulties employers will face in conducting payroll successfully in the country. But understanding Spain’s labor legislation and the employer’s responsibility are just the beginning. Also essential is to recognize the more tactical aspects of managing payroll in Spain. Consider the following: Continue reading

Key Considerations for Payroll in Spain: Part I

While Spain may be well known for its vibrant culture, rich history and beautiful beaches, the country has a lot more to offer, particularly for the expanding multi-national organization. In addition to a highly qualified workforce and relatively low labor costs, the country offers numerous incentives for foreign investment, providing an inviting business environment. Moreover, the county’s strategic geographic location near North Africa and its cultural ties to Latin America make Spain a launching ground for doing business with the growing markets of those regions. Continue reading

Conducting Payroll in Mexico: Part II

As our previous post on payroll in Mexico pointed out, multi-national organizations that seek to expand their business operations to Mexico have much to gain in this country. However, if the company is unable to comply with the country’s strict labor laws and other regulations when conducting payroll, they will be subjected to heavy fines and penalties. That’s why understanding compensation requirements is so integral to the success of any expansion to Mexico. Continue reading

Conducting Payroll in Mexico: Part I

Mexico is much more than a popular vacation spot – the country has also emerged as a prime destination for multi-national organizations looking to expand their global footprint. Offering a large and highly skilled workforce and relatively low labor costs, strong business and cultural ties to the larger Latin American region plus a robust economic outlook, the country should be a top consideration for any company looking to expand internationally.

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