Payroll Data Forensics: Uncovering the Info You Need to Enhance Global Payroll

For multi-national organizations, the ability to gain insight into crucial business processes and operations across the enterprise is essential for success. And this is especially true regarding payroll. As the payroll system contains key information about the company and its biggest expense – its people – it is critical that companies be able to leverage this information to make smarter business decisions. But the ability to access this data is only one step to achieving the insight that leads to operational efficiency; the company must also understand how to dig deep to reveal the most useful information. Continue reading

The Best Data is Right Under Your Nose

It has been said many times over that we are in the age of Big Data. And while some may think of this as a cliché or just the latest corporate buzzword, the sheer volume of data available to business – and the value of that data – cannot be understated or overlooked. By accessing such comprehensive information, the company gains unparalleled insight into its current processes and practices to find areas to improve, costs to cut and ways to operate more efficiently. Continue reading

Dig Deep into Payroll Data with CloudPay Insights

In today’s competitive business environment and still volatile economy, multi-national organizations must be able to respond and adapt to changing market conditions as rapidly as possible. And while the rise of big data has provided access to more information than ever before, they don’t always know how to find the relevant information needed to identify trends or issues with their workforce. As a result, they may lack the ability to reply in real time and work to resolve issues before they become more problematic. Continue reading

Understanding Payroll in the Netherlands: Part II

In the first part of our series on Dutch payroll, we explored the benefits of expanding business to the Netherlands – and what employers must to begin the payroll process for their employees in the country. But that is just the beginning. To ensure successful payroll, in terms of paying employees accurately, on time and in compliance with all national and local regulations, it is important to consider the following key areas of Dutch payroll:

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Webinar Invitation – Driving Globally Strategic Payroll: The Paradoxical Journey to Greater Efficiency and Innovation

16th July 2014 17:00 UK (BST)
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16th July 2014 23:00 UK (BST)
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Understanding Payroll in the Netherlands: Part I

As organizations increasingly leverage the global market to grow their business and advance corporate goals, a local presence in those new markets is often essential to success. And for companies looking to expand their business to Europe, the Netherlands represents a premier destination for the growing multi-national organization. Not only does it contain major entrance hubs to the continent, but the nation is very welcoming to foreign investment and is home to a well-educated, hardworking population. Continue reading

Brazil: Challenges and Opportunities in a Growing Market

All eyes seem to be on Brazil lately. Not only will the nation play host to the next World Cup and Summer Olympics, but its emerging economy continues to put it in the spotlight. As the country continues its rapid growth trajectory, and was recently designated as the seventh-largest economy in the world, the country has become a prime destination for multinationals looking to expand their global presence. Continue reading

Payroll in China: Emerging Trends in an Evolving Economy

As companies continue to leverage growing markets around the world to meet business and consumer demands, China has emerged as a prime destination. At present, the nation is the largest contributor to global growth, and will be for some time, offering almost unlimited opportunities for organizations to expand their business. Indeed, its emergence in the global economy, and the opportunity it presents, are why China is often among the top places for the expanding multi-national organization to establish operations, especially for those companies based in the U.S. and Western Europe. Continue reading

Trends in Global Payroll: What We’re Seeing

The last decade has been one of constant economic volatility for almost every country, regardless of geographical location or market maturity. Only now, more than six years after the height of the downturn, conditions are starting to improve. How do we know this? Being in the payroll industry gives CloudPay a front row seat to what is going on in the economic landscape, and you can’t ignore the numbers. Based on the increasing headcount among our clients, we can see that the global economy is steadily improving. Continue reading

Time to Rethink Your Global Payroll Strategy: Part II

As mentioned in the first part of this series, multinational organizations face a complex set of challenges when compensating employees in different countries. However, more companies have recognized the benefit of utilizing a single global payroll platform. Such a solution can automate the payroll process for all locations, while eliminating the need for different bank accounts and multiple third party vendors or systems. As a result, companies can benefit from a more efficient payroll process that brings significant process improvements, mitigates security risk and results in lowered costs. Continue reading