CloudPay Relocates U.K. Office

Since our inception, CloudPay has strived to achieve a few key objectives: to be attentive to customer care, to remain responsive to market needs and to be pioneering and innovative. To meet these goals, we rely on a global team of professionals who share the same passion for transforming global payroll and payments into a streamlined, transparent and compliant process for today’s growing multi-national organizations. (more…)

Understanding Payroll Regulations in the U.S. – Part II

Establishing successful business operations in the U.S. is possible for multi-national corporations that can navigate the country’s tricky employment and compensation laws. As outlined in our first post about payroll success in the U.S., the biggest challenge for companies may very well be keeping track of the many state regulations that differ from federal laws. Employers typically must comply with whichever of the two regulations benefits workers the most. In addition to understanding labor and compensation laws, global organizations also must be aware of their obligations when it comes to tax, social security and Medicare withholdings. (more…)

Understanding Payroll Regulations in the U.S. – Part I

Boasting the largest economy in the world, the U.S. provides global organizations access to both a robust customer base as well as the skilled talent necessary to fulfill a company’s business requirements. Multi-national companies may find it quite easy to establish U.S.-based operations now, due to recent reductions in trade barriers. Where some get tripped up, however, is in making sense of the complex regulations that govern employment and payroll in the U.S. (more…)

Biggest Changes to Payroll and Taxation in Australia: Part II

For the growing multi-national organization, Australia provides a very welcoming business environment and access to a large, well-educated workforce. But establishing operations in the country is not without its share of challenges. As discussed on the previous post in this series, Australia has complicated taxation laws, made all the more challenging by several changes introduced for 2015. And as more companies expand to the country to leverage its strong economy, understanding these new regulations is essential for success. (more…)

Biggest Changes to Payroll and Taxation in Australia: Part I

As the business world continues to shrink, companies increasingly expand their operations to new locations – and Australia has emerged as one of the most welcoming destinations. Not only does the country provide access to a large consumer base and highly educated and qualified workforce, but its strategic location makes it easier to leverage the growing economies of Southeast Asia. And with a business culture similar to those in the West, multi-national organizations can expand to the region without the typical cultural and language barriers typically encountered. (more…)

2014: A Year of Success and Strong Growth. Again.

CloudPay is on a singular mission – to create market-leading technology and use our payroll expertise and knowledge to revolutionize payroll and payments for multi-national organizations. A proven innovator in the field, offering the world’s only cloud-based platform for integrated global payroll and payments, we’ve introduced more unique solutions and capabilities that continue to lead the market and set the pace. As our journey continues, we reflect back on the past year, which was characterized by rapid growth and success.


CloudPay: One of the Most Influential SaaS Companies in the World

Since our inception, CloudPay has been focused on leading the world in global payroll innovation. It is this pioneering spirit that has enabled us to emerge as the world’s only cloud-based platform for integrated global payroll and payments. But we’re not satisfied and we won’t ever be… we’ll continue to develop innovative advancements in the payroll industry, bringing new efficiencies and streamlining processes for what used to be an incredibly complex function. (more…)

Understanding Payroll in Ireland: Part I

As the world gets smaller and more businesses become global, finding the right talent that can help advance company goals is crucial. And for many organizations looking to expand their footprints to new markets, Ireland provides a wealth of opportunity to make that happen. Not only does the country offer a pro-business environment and business-friendly tax schemes, but its highly-educated and English-speaking workforce makes it a prime location for global growth. Need more proof? The country is projected to become the fastest growing market in the European Union. (more…)

#CPSelfie Recap

As CloudPay’s main event of the year, Workday Rising put a face on many familiar names in our space – and the 2014 conference was no different. In fact this year, we decided to invite conference attendees to participate in the aptly-named #CPSelfie contest. The contest encouraged Workday Rising attendees to snap a picture somewhere inside the CloudPay booth and upload it to social media for the chance to win. The prize for the #CPSelfie was the winner’s choice of a GoPro camera or a case of wine. Of course, selecting the winner was no easy task so we had CEO Andrew Pearson step in to judge. (more…)