Become a Partner

There are many reasons to consider a partnership with CloudPay and no two partnerships add the same value, each adding unique synergies. Each partnership is serviced by a dedicated Alliances Manager and each partnership is valued and carefully managed.

Partnering with CloudPay enables you to:

  • Extend prospect and customer value
  • Differentiate product and services
  • Increase sales and revenue opportunities
  • Enhance credibility
  • Heighten business efficiency
  • Coordinate development, marketing and sales activities
  • Jointly plan business to deliver success

CloudPay believe in partnerships that foster teamwork to deliver an agreed set of goals, resulting in mutually profitable engagements.

Extend prospect and customer value. Technology Partners benefit from CloudPay Connect

CloudPay Connect supports a stable and comprehensive two way integration environment.

If you wish to partner with CloudPay, or just find out more about CloudPay and our partnering opportunities, please Contact Us.