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As Marketing Manager, Melanie Barnett is responsible for planning and delivering CloudPay’s global marketing programs and initiatives. She manages CloudPay’s marketing and corporate communications, demand generation activities, social media campaigns and marketing events. After graduating from Bournemouth University with an honours degree in Business Studies, Melanie joined CloudPay in 2005.

Take a Selfie to Win a Prize (at Workday Rising)

Put your best face forward at Workday Rising and you could win a GoPro camera or a case of wine! Come visit the CloudPay team at Booth No. 208 during Workday Rising to snap a selfie and share it with your social networks using #CPSelfie. We’ll be accepting entries from Monday, November 3, 2014 until 1:00 p.m. PST on Wednesday, November 5, 2014. Continue reading

Webinar Invitation – Driving Globally Strategic Payroll: The Paradoxical Journey to Greater Efficiency and Innovation

16th July 2014 17:00 UK (BST)
16th July 2014 09:00 Pacific (PDT)
16th July 2014 12:00 New York (EDT)
16th July 2014 24:00 Singapore (SGT)
16th July 2014 18:00 France (CET)

Registration Link: Click here to register for the 12:00PM EST session

16th July 2014 23:00 UK (BST)
16th July 2014 15:00 Pacific (PDT)
16th July 2014 18:00 New York (EDT)
16th July 2014 06:00 Singapore (SGT)
16th July 2014 24:00 France (CET)

Registration Link: Click here to register for the 18:00PM EST session

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CloudPay Executive to Share Global Payroll Expertise During Upcoming HR.com Webcast

RALEIGH, N.C. and LONDON, U.K. (October 1, 2013) –

WHO: Sheri Sullivan, vice president of Business Development for CloudPay, the pioneer of SaaS-based payroll automation for multinationals

WHAT: Will present the webcast “Change Management – Global Payroll is a Journey, Not a Destination” for HR.com. 

WHEN: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. EDT (1:00 p.m. CDT / 12:00 p.m. MDT / 11:00 a.m. PDT)

WHERE: More information and registration details can be accessed at:

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Understanding Payroll in Germany: Part II

For the growing multi-national organization looking to expand, Germany presents an inviting business climate, a strong economy and a larger, educated workforce. Despite the advantages and opportunities of establishing operations in the country, however, employers will also face a number of challenges, from properly registering their business to ensuring their new employees receive accurate and on-time payments. While our first blog post in this series highlighted some of the most important aspects of establishing operations in the country, this post will explore some other key processes necessary to achieve ongoing payroll success in Germany. Continue reading

Understanding Payroll in Germany: Part I

For the expanding multinational organization, Germany presents a welcoming business climate.  As it is the most populous nation in Western Europe, the country provides access to a large and highly educated workforce, as well as millions of potential new customers.  For an added benefit, the country’s strong economy – the fourth largest in the world – has been largely unaffected by the issues affecting much of the rest of the continent. Continue reading

CloudPay: The Making of a Market Leader

As business needs constantly evolve, and the capabilities of technology continue to expand, software providers must be able to keep up and deliver solutions that provide users with the functionality to operate efficiently and cost effectively. The strongest companies recognize that they should not just aim to meet current needs, but also anticipate where the market is going and work tirelessly to address the needs of tomorrow. Continue reading

CloudPay: Putting Customers First

Through the rapid revenue growth and geographical expansion here at CloudPay, our ever expanding client base and our growing capability to deliver payroll solutions across 160 countries and legislatures, we remain committed to providing each customer with a high level of customized service in recognition of their unique payroll needs. Understanding that each company is different, our mission is to provide flexible, pre-configured SaaS-based global payroll services and technology to meet the demands of today’s multinationals, aiming to provide them with greater control, enhanced strategic business insight and detailed trend analysis of their global payroll processes.  Continue reading

Payroll in APAC: A Brief Introduction

More and more companies are taking advantage of a new borderless workforce and expanding or introducing operations into new countries. And the high growth region of Asia-Pacific (or APAC) is particularly inviting to multinational corporations seeking expansion. As APAC is home to two-thirds of the world’s population, and many of its nations are experiencing rapid business growth, the region is a great place to find the qualified talent needed to help a company succeed. Continue reading

Download Whitepaper: Making A Business Case for Global Payroll

Companies managing payroll for hundreds or hundreds of thousands of employees in multiple countries face a number of complexities. As each country has its own unique labor laws and regulations that change constantly, a company puts itself at risk of non-compliance if it is unable to apply legislation correctly and accurately in each location.

This white paper explores the numerous advantages of embracing a cloud-based global payroll system and outlines the ways in which such a system better supports and organization’s growing and expanding multinational operations. Such a solution is able to support payrolls across a multitude of countries, enhance reporting and standardization and allows organizations to better manage costs and increase productivity.
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