CloudPay & Sustainability

Our Responsibility
As the pioneer and foremost provider of multi-national payroll technologies and services, CloudPay understands the impact that local actions have on the world at large. For that reason, CloudPay takes environmental sustainability seriously and seek, by all means, to reduce the global carbon footprints of CloudPay and the CloudPay ecosystem. For CloudPay, green is not a trend; it is a responsibility.

Go Green with SaaS
At the core of our sustainability practice is our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) global payroll solution.  CloudPay helps clients minimize their carbon footprints by drastically reducing space, cooling and energy requirements associated with payroll processing by more traditional methods. With a SaaS-based solution, systems that once relied on duplicate, often outdated hardware, in inefficient server rooms, are now accessed from CloudPay’s carefully monitored, energy-efficient modern data centers. The CloudPay SaaS platform is a multi-tenant system that efficiently serves all customers. With employee self-service features, as well as electronic payslips, the CloudPay solution reduces paper and processing waste. CloudPay is proud to partner with technology providers who share this priority and have green credentials.

Limit waste, reduce energy and recycle
Many of CloudPay’s day-to-day facilities practices are guided by its dedication to the global community and environment. Deliveries are intentionally limited to once or twice a month to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Computer monitors are powered down nightly and heating and cooling units are adjusted at the end of each business day. Retired computing equipment and batteries are recycled, as are light bulbs and toner ink cartridges. All facilities offer receptacles for recycling aluminum cans, plastic bags, and plastic bottles. And, since it instigated paper shredding and recycling in 2010, CloudPay employees have saved over 100 trees from being felled.

For more information about the CloudPay SaaS-based multi-national payroll solution or our sustainability practices please Contact Us.

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