Executive Management

Andrew Pearson

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Pearson is building a company that is radically altering the global payroll industry. Acutely aware that payroll solutions were inefficient and failing to provide the single view of global payroll that would provide strategic insight he determined to develop CloudPay’s technologies and services to revolutionize the way multinationals manage payroll. Andrew focuses on attracting, developing and motivating the highest quality people and teams. From his time at multiple start-ups such as Vignette through to his position prior to joining CloudPay serving as Managing Director, EMEA at Intralinks, Andrew has sought high growth, dynamic companies that embrace change, challenge preconceptions and seek to disrupt established markets. Payroll processing in the Cloud has been overlooked as it requires significant subject matter expertise and is too complex to be tackled by any company that is not wholly focused. Andrew’s interests include mountaineering & climbing, cycling and music – while on the road he carries more music with him than anybody else he knows. And when not on the road Andrew focuses on a young and growing family. A physics graduate, Andrew holds an MBA from Warwick Business School.

Martyn Puttick

General Manager APAC / Vice President of HR

Resourceful and innovative, Martyn Puttick, CloudPay’s GM APAC and VP of HR, has always searched out new ways to improve HR Operations and drive the adoption of best-practices. Now based in Singapore, Martyn has added the role of General Manager, APAC to his repertoire and has additional responsibility for increasing CloudPay’s continued growth in APAC and driving and developing CloudPay’s sales and account management capabilities in the region. With a clear and cohesive attitude to work, he has experienced what can be achieved with very little as long as you have the drive, tenacity and dedication. Martyn contributed to, and experienced, incredible growth at Dell Computers, growth that required him to lead an itinerant existence, living and working in Germany, in France and latterly in Texas. Martyn certainly brings a great deal of international experience and a global perspective to CloudPay and has been instrumental in the developing the company’s international footprint with offices in the US, UK, Singapore, France, China, Hungary and Brazil. Having been tasked to evaluate and select a solution for centralizing and standardizing payroll at Unigraphics Solutions, Martyn quickly recognized the potential in CloudPay’s SaaS platform and managed services organization, and chose CloudPay that was subsequently flawlessly implemented. Mightily impressed, Martyn joined CloudPay in 2007. With more than 15 years’ broad-based general global HR Operational experience, Martyn understands how each part of an HR function operates but also knows that it is imperative to allow companies to evolve and change in order to provide the best service and solution to a global problem that most, if not every, international company suffers. Martyn’s passions away from work include paleontology, mountain biking, swimming and body boarding.

Sheri Sullivan

Vice President of Business Development

Sheri Sullivan joined CloudPay in 2011. Highly experienced in the global payroll market, Sheri was attracted by CloudPay’s SaaS technology, the company’s leadership, approach and ambition. Her belief in CloudPay and desire to evangelise the use of its technology by business partners led to her assuming a new role in Summer, 2012, that of Vice President of Business Development, a role to which she brings a wealth of experience gained as a Director at Paychex and a Senior Manager at Intercomp Global Services. Sheri is a pioneer of international payroll and has extensive experience helping to build solutions that add value to clients and partners. Sheri has travelled extensively, counting over 40 countries, managing businesses and employees in the CIS, Western Europe and Asia. She began travelling at an early age as the daughter of a US Air Force Senior Master Sergeant. Sheri’s drive, determination and persistence are second to none. Her comprehensive understanding of the payroll requirements of multinationals drew her to CloudPay, and to CloudPay’s technology, a platform she describes as the “Killer App”. A graduate of both the State University of New York at Buffalo and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Sheri has an overwhelming interest in women’s issues in the workplace and is a great supporter of several initiatives that encourage women entrepreneurs. Sheri lives with her husband and three children in New York, is focused on getting her kids through university and on to productive lives. Sheri’s two sons are extremely accomplished collegiate wrestlers so on the weekend and evenings between November and February, you will find her in a gym cheering them on. Her winter escape is often to the mountains to snowboard whilst in summer she’ll be found training for and running half marathons and tending to her salsa garden.

Tim O’Donoghue

Chief Technology Officer

Tim O’Donoghue joined CloudPay as Chief Technology Officer in early 2011, and has recently taken on the additional responsibility as joint Chief Operating Officer. He possesses great drive, a passion for innovation, an interest and awareness of technology trends and is a keen advocate of the cloud. He was attracted to CloudPay by the management style of its CEO, Andrew Pearson, and the quality of the team that had been assembled to further CloudPay’s technical and commercial ambitions. No one is more determined than Tim to ensure that the pioneering spirit evident at CloudPay, and Patersons before it since 1996, sets the standard for the continued development of the SaaS platform that is central to the company’s ambition. Having already enjoyed great success in dynamic and innovative organizations, notably Yahoo and SunGuard, Tim recognized the market potential of a technology that streamlines and automates the management of complex multi-national payroll processing. Tim’s commitment, vision and experience have already contributed to CloudPay’s technology roadmap and his customer-centric approach to the evolution of the platform is at the heart of CloudPay’s development plans. A graduate of, and post-graduate at, Leeds University, Tim earned a PhD in Computational Science and was the recipient of the university’s highest computing accolade, the Babbage-Lovelace prize.

Vic Laville

Chief Financial Officer

Vic Laville tells it straight. He is driven by a fundamental belief in honesty and is the sort of person that relishes a challenge, meeting problems head on and with a puzzler’s enthusiasm. CloudPay’s Chief Financial Officer, Vic is highly accomplished and capable, already having enjoyed a distinguished career, spent in a number of business sectors including the enterprise software sector where he has worked for some of the world’s fastest growing companies. Having been an employee in the earlier years of Oracle, Vic fondly recalls one of the most exciting times of his career, a time that he likens to riding astride a rocket ship. As Oracle’s growth accelerated Vic benefitted from the most remarkable and varied experience and education. The expertise Vic gained whilst responsible for the European, and latterly the entire International, finance function armed him with a veritable feast of skills. These skills, both financial and commercial, include the drive to make things happen, something that he has successfully applied in all of his subsequent positions, and is now using to further CloudPay’s ambition, growth and future success. When not carefully managing CloudPay’s finance and legal functions, Vic, a father of three boys, manages boys’ cricket at his local cricket club in Wimbledon, South West London, and is also a keen golfer who enjoys nothing more than keeping his game sharp by challenging his wife and his sons. When the opportunity presents itself, he does not miss the chance to head for warmer climates where he can be found waterskiing, improving his handicap and enjoying the local cuisine.