About CloudPay

CloudPay is the world’s only cloud-based platform for integrated global payroll and payments processing, collaboration and delivery.

We believe that collaboration and integration are the only ways to address the complex and valuable challenge of how to manage global payroll and payments. We’re creating market leading technology and using payroll expertise and knowledge to revolutionize payroll and payments for multi-national organizations.

CloudPay enables you to improve business performance through greater fiscal control, see people costs through enhanced visibility,  assure local and global compliance, and reduce payroll and payment operational costs.

CloudPay is:

CloudPay Payroll processes and consolidates all global payrolls.
CloudPay Payments pays globally distributed employees & third parties.
CloudPay Insights analyzes comprehensive payroll and payments data, processes and communications.
CloudPay Control automates and manages all payroll and payments processes.
CloudPay Connect automates data in and out for connected systems.
CloudPay Collaborate manages secure communications for all constituents.

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